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The program of jubilee celebrations on the 10th anniversary of the canonization of Venerable Amphilochius Pochaev


Years flew by, while continuing its unstoppable run. Annually at the tomb of Ren. Amphilochius we celebrate Angel Day and the day of his death. People remember him alive, his gait, his voice, a loving heart and kind, intelligent eyes .. word of mouth pass each other stories about the miracles of healing. All of these years day by day people are coming to the tomb to the ascetic and now they are coming to the Cave Church of the Pochaiv monastery, where his incorrupt relics repose. Light a candle or a lamp or lead a quiet conversation, trusting the old man to heal their troubles and sickness. People also come here who are possessed by evil spirits ... And many have witnessed miracles of healing at the tomb in the Monastery cemetery which is filled with the reliquary and relics of Ren. Joseph (in schema Amphilochius).

      The ever popular trail will never overgrow. It’s built in the hope of those who are suffering, to receive healing from God with prayer and with the intercession of blessed memory Father Joseph, the great saint of God Volynia.

     The whole life of the Reverend was self-sacrifice service in the name of love for God and his neighbour, since love is the main fruit of spiritual heroism of Christians  and purpose of Christian monastic life. It is the law of life in heaven and on earth, which is born from a pure heart and chaste conscience. Love is immortal, it goes with the man behind his coffin in eternal life and the mutually ties the souls of the living and the dead. It was such a deep love of Reverend courted self-respect.

     By faith, love and compassion for the suffering, he showed an example of good life, earning the love and left behind an indelible memory in the hearts of believers, for which he was and is a healer, a merciful helper and protector. Even after his death, he still heals, comforts, edifies, and up to this very date, people are feeling his love.

     Lord ranked him among the saints, and placed him in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are honoured to have this great man of prayer, for all of us. He is an intercessor before the throne of God for the healing of diseases and for deliverance from the sorrows and temptations.


The program of jubilee celebrations on the 10th anniversary

of the canonization of Venerable Amphilochius Pochaev



Thursday, May 10

10:00  - Divine Liturgy at the homeland of Ven. Amphilochius in the village of Malaya Ilovitsa (Shumsky district, Ternopil region).

13:00 - Charity dinner in the village of Malaya Ilovitsa.



Friday, May 11

9:00 - The start of the conference which is devoted to the 10th anniversary of the canonization of Ven. Amphilochius Pochaev on the topic of "Ven.Amfilohije - a new miracle worker of Volyn land" (in the Holy Trinity Cathedral).

12:00 - Sanctification of the water with prayers at the tomb of Ven.Amphilochius in the cemetery of the monastery.

16:00 - Small Vespers. Reading kathismas.

17:00 - Solemn Vigil at the Dormition Cathedral  with the reading of the Akathist of  Ven. Amphilochius.



Saturday, May 12

5:30  - Early Divine Liturgy at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

9:00  - Festive Divine Liturgy at the Dormition Cathedral.

Strait after the late Liturgy will start prayers and the solemn procession with the relics of Ven. Amphilochius on the territory of the Lavra.

13:00 - Charity dinner.

16:00 - Small Vespers.

17:00 - Sunday Vigil.



Sunday, May 13

6:00am - Early Liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral.

10:00 am - Divine Liturgy at the Dormition Cathedral .

After the liturgy there will be a committed, big procession around the monastery with relics of Ven. Amphilochius.